1minute projection mapping

An announce of “1 minute projection mapping”

2012-09-17 13:27:28

Dear Mapping Creators,

The new festival, Zushi Media Art Festival, focusing on a projection
mapping and media arts, has held since 2010 in Kanagawa Pref., Japan.

This festival is an event for media arts and a projection mapping. These
works are displayed in various scenes around the city. We will hold the
competition for projection mapping on a building as canvas in center of
the city.

Then, we beg you that we would like you to join it, please. We can
provide 3D and 2D data that have been created over the past two years at
the same place. Please create your great movie by using them freely.
Video work is 30 seconds to 1 minute 59 seconds. It should be important
that you would valued the quality, originality and unique of works in
only about one minute. We call it “1 minute projection mapping”. We have
expected you would give surprise and excitement to Japanese people.

We are planing to invite creators working excellently to Japan in 2013
or 2014. We hope that they will enjoy your works and communications with
Japanese creators and citizens during your stay.

We will supply the broadcast live on USTREAM, which will show you the
mappings of this festival, might Facebook as well. We hope you will get
a lot of nice encounters and show your work from domestic to
international area thought this festival.

It has not been long since The Art Festival held first, thereby, the
citizens and local government have been trying to develop it. We expect
that this festival has raised the participation of you and expanded your
playing field.

We are looking forward to your participation.



Festival Name: Zushi Media Art Festival 2012
Session of ZMAF: 16 September to October 14
Session of 1minute projection mapping: 13 October and 14 October
(Preview for Press and Concerned : 12 October)

Place of ZMAF: Stores, public spaces, venue, various natural in Zushi city
Place of PM: Zushi elementary school

For submissions
Data format: Quicktime 2048 × 768pixcel, 30fps

Application format:


Dead line: October 05, 2012
(The data check, adjust, and encoded in here),

Audio: embedded in Quicktime, deliver the same scale music data or video
Content time: 30 seconds to 1 minute 59 seconds
Delivery of data: Up to a server on the Internet and data transport
services. Please send URL of your data for downloading to this E-mail
Fee: free for international creator

Other Requirements: We need these infomation. Please write down and send
-Team or creator name
-Art works information

USTREAM Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/zushi-media-art-festival
Official Web site: http://www.zushi-maf.info/
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ZushiMediaArtFestival

For excellent works (works 1-2):
Invitation to next year’s festival season in Japan
(Payment of travel and stay expenses and production costs)

Handling of the work
The creator has copyrights of his work. These could be recorded and
introduced on DVD by Zushi Media Art Festival and Projection Mapping
Association. We do not infringe any copyrights.