Prize of 1-minute projection mapping / international competition at NIIGATA MINATOPIKA 2015

2015-11-03 09:10:32

Dear all participants,

 We appreciate your participation and effort in our international competition, “1-minute projection mapping 2015”. We made a great success and demonstrated great mapping projects on the festival NIIGATA MINATOPIKA” on September 19 – 23 in Japan. The quality of projects is getting higher year by year. Especially we got surprised at the variety of art styles from many countries this year. It was very hard for us to select only sixteen projects of the finalist because of tight schedule in the event. We had an open judge session with five juries on September 22nd, and decided the awards this year.


 9月19日〜23日の5日間にわたり開催されたプロジェクションマッピングの国際大会、「1minute projection mapping 2015」in みなとぴかが無事に終了いたしました。22日の公開審査会では5人の審査員が審査にあたり、本年度のグランプリを決定いたしましたのでご報告申し上げます。また、全ての作品へのコメントはこちらでは控えますが、今年のコンテストに参加してくださったクリエイターのみなさんにまず感謝を申し上げます。


 The result is listed below.【受賞作品一覧】

  • Grand prix 「Hyakki Yagyō」by Neba Studio × Kaze patricio Chan(Macau/China)
  • 2nd Prize 「Wind Rose」by AVA Animation and Visual Arts(Mexico)
  • Jury prize/3rd Prize (審査員特別賞)   「hier & jetzt」by VJ ZARIA(Brazil)
  • Audience Award  (オーディエンス賞)「Cross of culture〜ukiyo-E-do〜」by One mapper (Japan)


  • Special Award from Niigata city (新潟市特別賞)「Crossword」by WaveLabo Co. (Japan)

[Comments from Reviewers] 【総評】

The best award this year was given to “Hyakki Yagyo” by Neba Studio from Macau, China. The score was very close to the second awarded project, but the final decision was based on the variety of contents and ideas such as the humorous mapping effects, good tempo and pace, and unique challenge to visualize horror as a pop art. The work had about 60 seconds, but many people got satisfied with richness of contents.

 今回グランプリに輝いたのはマカオ(中国)のNeba studioによる「Hyakki Yagyō」という作品が選ばれました。2位のAVAの作品と最後まで競い合ったのですが、最終的に作品としての工夫の多さが大きな理由となりました。「Hyakki Yagyō」は荒削りな印象ながら、プロジェクションマッピングとしての遊び心、演出のテンポ感、妖怪という怖くなりがちな要素をポップにデザインした点など、多くのアイデアが盛り込まれていました。1分台という短い制限時間を感じさせない充実した内容で、満足度の高い作品でした。

The second place was “Wind Rose” by AVA Animation & Visual Arts. The quality of mapping techniques and design was the top among the finalist this year. However, it did not have much surprise or dynamic story structure.

 今回2位となったAVA Animation & Visual Artsの「Wind Rose」が映像技術やデザインクオリティにおいてはひときわ存在感を出していました。グランプリを決める争点として、演出としての展開性が弱く印象として一歩引いてしまったところがありました。しかしデザインやストーリーのアイデア、そして何よりも映像の完成度が非常に高く、これに動きの展開性や意外性といった演出が加わればグランプリを獲得した可能性が高いです。

The third place was given to “hier & jetzt” by VJ ZARIA. It had very unique concept, high quality video production, and mapping techniques. Two projects, “Delta Origin” by Javier Sanchez (Mexico) and “Intersected Parallelity” by100-Plus Imaging Art and Technology (Macau) were competed in the third place. The Delta Origin made use of shade and shadow effectively with high quality 3D computer graphics. The Intersected Parallellity had a strong impact with challenging concept.

 3位についても審査員の間で相当意見が分かれましたが、VJ ZARIAが選ばれました。この作品では独特の世界観としっかりした映像制作、プロジェクションマッピング技術が評価されました。この他、メキシコのJavier Sanchezの作品、マカオの100 Plus Imaging Art and Technologyが3位の候補に上がり最後まで審査員が議論を尽くしました。Javier Sanchezの作品はプロジェクションマッピングの核とも言える陰影の使い方、演出性やCGのクオリティも大変高い作品でした。100 Plusの作品はプロジェクションマッピングとしての表現は弱かったのですが、強烈なインパクトを与える世界観、挑戦している姿勢が審査員の評価を得ました。

The special-audience award was given to “Cross of Culture” developed by One Mapper with most scores from the audience. It visualized the history of Japan in 19th century using the Japanese classical printing arts. The story and concept were very clear to the audience. It would be greater as a mapping art piece if the geometry of building were made use of.

 オーディエンス賞は圧倒的な得票差でOne mapperの「Cross of culture〜ukiyo-E-do〜」が獲得しました。日本の浮世絵をモチーフに、ペリーや黒船襲来の江戸時代から文明開化にフォーカスした点が非常にわかりやすく、日本人のオーディエンスの心を掴んでいました。惜しむべき点は建物のデザインの利用が少なく、説明的な映像が多くなってしまった点です。

 The other special award from the city was given to “Crossword” by Wave Labo. It was unique to apply crossword puzzle to projection mapping. Many people enjoyed the project. It would be greater as a mapping piece if it had more lighting effects of shade and shadows with 3D-CG.

 新潟市特別賞の株式会社Wave Laboの作品はクロスワードというアイデアが秀逸で、とても楽しい作品でした。これにプロジェクションマッピングとしての建物の利用、3DCGではメリハリや陰影のつくライティングを施せるとさらに良い内容になったはずです。

The “RAUMZEIT” by (German) was also highly evaluated by the professionals, though it was not awarded. It was a kind of modern media art with simple grid, but the harmony of music and video was perfect. The illusion was designed to the people around the center of building, so other people could not seen the illusion well.



Projection mapping is an artwork that requires making use of the given geometry. Various technical skills such as movie editing, story development, and visual and music integration are required to create mapping contents. It is hard to find the best solution to realize several ideas by using the skills in limited time. In addition, it is asked to provide new experiences with the audience through projection mapping instead of showing off the skills. Therefore, a design skill to keep a good balance plays an important role.
We have recognized that Japanese and foreign artists are applying different approaches on making projection mappings. It seems that Japanese artists create a story so that audience can understand the concept clearly with beautiful visual elements. Some works had too much information to explain the story. As the result, it degraded the quality as a media art.
On the other hand, the foreign artists seem to develop new methods to visualize a story making use of building geometry. Some projects had too original ideas, and some audience could not understand or enjoy the show as an entertainment.


Both approaches are important. However, as an international competition, we consider a new challenge as an important factor. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing more innovative ideas in the next time, especially for Japanese artists.
Moreover, 3D computer graphics have been used in many mapping projects. It is more important to make use of shade and shadow effects in using 3D CG rather than realistic renderings. In the case, the visual contents should be organized matching to the geometry of target building. Otherwise, the 3D CG contents become very plat and boring to the audience.


One of the invited artiests, Mr. Maxime Guislain, demonstrated high quality mapping techniques and creative ideas in his project. We strongly recommend studying his product as an example with a good balance as a media art and an entertainment.
Finally, we are going to have the same international competition next year in fall. We would appreciate your challenging to develop more creative art pieces and realize more innovative ideas on projection mapping.

 コンテスト作品ではありませんが、今年ゲストとして招いたチームの作品はそうした面でやはり秀でた存在感を出しておりました。特に前年度のグランプリMaxime Guislain氏の作品は技術、表現の両面で高いバランスを見せ、多くの観客や審査員を魅了し、一つの道標のようにも感じられました。